Nucc's Loan To Women's Self Help Groups


To provide hassel free credit to SHG's of women for meeating working capital requirements/augment long term margin / financing of fixed assets related to business activity of the individual enterprineurs for expansion of business of the poorest of the poor clients.

NUCC Society (Multistate) has done Microfinance upto November 2015 to 1675 SHG's in Vidarbha Region representing 15040 members who have taken loans to the tune of RS. 32.10 crores from NUCC Society branches under its linkage programme with Hindustan Microfinance Pvt.Ltd.

Advantages Of Financing Through SHG
  • An economically poor individual gains strength as part of a group.

  • Besides financing through SHG's reduces transactions costs for both lenders and borrowers.

  • While lenders have to handle only a single SHG account instead of large numbers of small sized individual borrowers accounts as a part of an SHG which cut down expenses on travel (to and fro from the branch and other places) for completing paper work and also the loss of work days in convarsing for loans.

  • Where successful SHGs have significantly empowered poor people, especially Women, in rural and urban areas.

Type Of Facility

Term Loan

  1. Only Women can be a member of the SHG group

  2. Women should be married.

  3. There should be own house and she should stay with her family.

  4. Age limit should be

    Minimum – 20 years and Maximum – 54 years

  5. Women members must be staying in her house atleast 2 years.

  6. She should take responsibility for other members in the group.

Quantum Of Finance

Maximum Rs.25000 per individual members of the Self Help Group.

Documents Required
  1. Copy of Adhar card

  2. Copy of Electric Bill

  3. Tax Receipt for properly

  4. Agreement form duly sign by co-borrowers

Primary Security

Tie up with Hindustan Microfinance Pvt.Ltd

  •  Group Guarantee by members of the Bachatgat.
Rate Of Interest

@ 27 % P.A.

Period Of Loan

 Loan is repayable in 24 monthly  equal  installments.

Other Formalities

  • Membership form duly signed by women member with membership fee of Rs. 550/-
  •  S.B. account to be opened by Rs.100/-.
  •  R.D account to be opened for the period of 5 years, with monthly installment of Rs.200/- only.