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Be a Part of Nirmal Pariwar to do a valuable services to all human being.....

Medical Sq Branch Opening

In the era of 2016 with a new enthusiastic and further step for development we are glad to open our new branch at Medical Sq. Nagpur On the occasion of GudiPadawa for the prosperity.

This occasion on had been inaugurated By Famous  celebrity  Mr.Shreyas Talpade and Mr.Amar Upadhyay. 

Nirmal Urban Co-operative Bank stands 1st runner-up for Kelkar Trophy...!!!!!!!

Nirmal Urban Co-operative Bank stands 1st runner-up for Kelkar Trophy held at Jamtha  Stadium Nagpur on dt 24th April,2016

Thane Branch Opening

Our 63rd Branch growing fastly for Thanker's valuable customer inaugurated on 22nd May 2016 as with branch...

Hon'ble Secretary Shree Pramod Manmode With -- Hon'ble Union Minister for Road Transport , Roadways and Shipping Shree.Nitin Gadkari, also with Kailashchandra Agrawal , Ravindra Duragkar.

AGM 2015-2016

With Successefully Launch and Inauguration for Annual General Meeting at Mahatma Fule Hall 2015-2016


Nirmal Parivar Organized Dahi Handi 2016 Celebration , with Great Enthusiasm , for all Well Wishers.......

Startup with your own dreamline

No under jobs, just make dream with you own startup Business..........

Nirmal Ginning and Processing

For our Proud Farmers we stunning the new Venture for them represents by our Chairman Mr.Pramodji Manmode -  Nirmal Ujjwal credit Co.Op Society (Multi-State) , we come with new venture "Nirmal Ginning and Processing Plant " at Located Nagpur - Chandrapur Road Mauzha Chimnazhari on dated 11/11/2016 with Huge response of our valuable Farmers....

Surat Branch Opening

We are Glad to step up our 64th Surat Branch at Gujrat State, with our valuable guest and the Peoples who attend and support lots... 

Guest at Surat Opening

Some valuable moments of Guest , we glad to received their honour presence .....

Nirmal Health Care

Under one roof Nirmal Health care is about to treat Family Doctor

Happy Diwali 2017

On this festival of light, We pray that your happiness is multiplied and your sorrows divided. May this auspicious festival bring you and your family health, wealth and success. Happy Diwali. - From Shri Pramodji Manmode and Nirmal Group

Manewada Branch Bhoomipujan

Inaugrated the Land Bhomipujan - Manewada 

Vashi Branch Opening

62nd Branch Here we heading and spreading our service flag at Vashi
Branch Inaugurated on 21st May 2016

AGM 2015-2016

With full enthusiasm Succcessfully Implementation Annual General Meeting 2015-2016 Nirmal Ujjwal Credit.Co.Op Society

NUCC Womens Bike Rally

Nirmal Ujjwal Ki pahal  Beti Bachao Beti Padhao....Womens Bike Rally Organised on 08 th March,2016.


Nirmal Pariwar (Social Group) organised Snehmilan 2016.

Again new milestone and Step for our Value added Customers... be a part of Nirmal Pariwar Apla Pariwar

Nirmal Pariwar

Nirmal Textile Opening Ceremony

It;s Glad and Enormous movment to start our new Era .... Nirmal Textile Plant, Situated NH-4 Highway Gosekhurd Nagpur Amravati Road.

For Opportunities , Present the Idea from Youth - Shree Pramodji Manmode

Think out of the Box, renovate the Idea, present it, and prerserve the Opportunities...............

Nirmal Textiles

Has a dream , come to dream, with Joyful Occassion we announced our new plant at Kondhali Road, with stand out in Nirmal Textiles.....

Nirmal Textiles

Big Ceremony and the enthusiastic moment for opening the Nirmal Textiles by our Resp Secretary Sir, Mr.Pramod Manmode.....

Director Meet 2017 at Chikhaldara

We glad to execute our Director Body Meet held on dated 16/07/2017 at Chikhaldara MTDC Mozhari Point.....

Director Meet 2017 Moments at Chikhaldara

We got successefully execute our Director Meet 2017 @ Chikhaldara - Nirmal Ujjwal Credit.Co.op Society.

Introduce the Inner Businessman

Don't rush to Job, do self Motivation and satisfactory aims to do Business....

Data Center Inauguration Ceremony

We had glad to inaugurate our Data Center - Nirmal Group, in Presence of Shri.Pramodji Manmode- Hon'ble Secretary (NUCC), Shri.Vamanrao S.Balwatkar - President (NUCC), and all Hon'ble Guest with Management and all IT TEAM Team.


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